Some highlights of the Shark Bay World Heritage Area

Stunning Colours

Beautiful Shark Bay Daisy

The Story of Phyllodes

Spotted Eagle Rays

Red Cliffs

Adventurous 4WD Track

Chiming Wedgebill

Intriguing Tracks

Thorny Devil

Hidden Bays of Wild Beauty

Charismatic Pelicans

Stromatolites (Hamelin Pool)

Some highlights of the Kennedy Range...

Stunning Escarpment

Dawson's Burrowing Bees

Wildflower Carpets

Colourful Gullies

Honeycomb Gorge

Beautiful Temple Gorge


Aboriginal Heritage

Bird Watching

Unusual Rock Formations

Exciting Wildlife

Impressive Drapers Gorge

Some highlights of Mt Augustus...

Awesome Outback Colours

Hidden Rock Art Galleries

Endemic Plants

Great Variety of Reptiles

Charismatic Gum Trees

Rocky Gullies

Intriguing Petroglyphs

Wildflowers in Abundance


Permanent water holes

Pilbara Olive Python

Sweeping Outback Views

Memorable Sunsets

Attractive Walk Trails

Please note that some attractions (e.g. wildflowers)  are seasonal.