COVID-19 notice


Dear Guests,


We conduct our tours in Landcruiser where we get into close contact with hundreds of visitors.... and hundreds of visitors get into close contact with us. Though there are no official Covid restrictions in place, common sense tells us to be still cautious.


For our own and our customer's safety we STILL have the following COVID related policies in place.


> Our guests have to be vaccinated.

> Hand sanitiser and water/soap are provided and we ask our guests to make use of either after having visited a shared facility such as toilets and picnic places. 

> We can't take any liability if any of our guests contracts COVID
or has to go into isolation due to contact with other people during the tour.

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY Our guests need to be free of COVID related symptoms. This also includes symptoms of the flue. If you don't feel 100%, if you are coughing and sneezing, please let us know and we will cancel your booking.